Memory Care


An Approach That Puts Your Loved Ones First

In our care centers, we provide treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. Communication strategies, validation therapy, redirection, and behavior management are needed to ensure a high quality of life without the use of dangerous behavior modification drugs.

Our care team recognizes and diffuses difficult situations as they arise and before they can build, staying ahead of potential troublesome issues characteristic of the disease process. We relieve anxieties for both residents and families while providing care in a comfortable, homey setting.

Our environments allow for higher quality visits with your loved one and confidence they are being provided both medical and dementia care. Our mission puts your loved one first, giving the personal attention residents and families desire.

We promote independence and focus on wellness by offering a mix of life skills through group activities and structured programs. Activities are tailored toward individual preferences, with a focus on positive, enjoyable interests that meet resident needs.

As professionals, we know dementia and Alzheimer’s are difficult for families. To assist in alleviating some of the stress brought on by this disease, we are able to facilitate support group meetings and we are also available to privately discuss any concerns families may have.


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